Piers Morgan confirmed as Larry King’s replacement

September 9, 2010 |  by  |  Breaking News, Entertainment
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Oh boy… it’s official: After hearing names like Anderson Cooper, Katie Couric and even Oprah Winfrey (really?!) as potential candidates for Larry King’s replacement, it has been announced that British television host Piers Morgan will fill Old Man Winter’s role starting in January 2011.

According to CNN today, Morgan, 45, a former British tabloid newspaper editor and current judge on America’s Got Talent, will take over when Larry King retires from CNN’s Larry King Live after a notorious 25-year run.

So what is Morgan’s plan for the show? He told The Hollywood Reporter that he plans to bring “journalistic rigor” to the job and that he’d like one of his first interviews to be Barack Obama, followed by “Mel Gibson or Lindsay Lohan or whoever is in the news who is relevant and current.”

Good plan for a current events show, we think. We like how you think outside the box, Piers.

What we really want to know is will Morgan leave his five-year-long post as judge on America’s Got Talent? According to him, no. NBC has reportedly extended his contract for an additional three years.

While a name for the show remains undertermined, Morgan tells TV Squad “I hope it has my name in it. Every other show on CNN has [a personality's name in it.] I’d feel left out if mine doesn’t.”

Larry King’s last show is expected to air in mid-December.


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  1. Let’s just be thankful it’s not Ryan Seacrest! I know he was in the running for a while too.


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