Prince Poppycock is the Male Lady Gaga?

September 9, 2010 |  by  |  Entertainment
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Recently on America’s Got Talent, the ineffable Sharon Osbourne declared with aplomb that the creature known to the world as Prince Poppycock is, indeed, the Male Lady Gaga.

That’s weird, I thought Lady Gaga was the the male Lady Gaga.

Price Poppycock, a character created John Andrew Quale, describes himself as a “roguish operatic dandy.”  Of course he does.  He shot to fame recently when he took season five of America’s Got Talent by storm with his over the top theatrics, costumes and bombastic stage presence.  And last night, his popularity was confirmed when he was announced as one of the final four contestants.  Other finalists include soul singer Michael Grimm, child opera sensation Jackie Evancho and glow-in-the-dark dance crew Fighting Gravity.

But back to Prince Poppycock.  According to blogs around the web, he’s the clear favorite.  He called last nights performance his love letter back to America.  Awww.

And he really does share distinct resemblances to Miss Gaga, minus the blood, of course:

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