To vajazzle or not is the question

September 9, 2010 |  by  |  Lifestyle
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We all remember the bedazzler, don’t we? Brace yourselves… women everywhere are now vajazzling.

Yes, I said vajazzling and no this isn’t a joke.

Well, as if you weren’t already pressed for time, this new craze is taking over women’s nether regions across the country. Vajazzling can even be found at top salons. I can’t believe it either.

So what is this vajazzle craze all about you ask? Basically, to vajazzle is to add bling to your, well, private area. After waxing, small rhinestones are applied to the hairless skin with a special adhesive in any pattern or color you desire. If you can think it, you can get it vajazzled. Your man’s name, a butterfly or even an intricate custom pattern can be affixed to you know where. And it lasts for 5 days! Just like a cell phone decoration or a rhinestone tattoo, vajazzling can add a little something special to your skin below.

Celebrities are onboard too! Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt decided to vajazzle herself after a breakup and spoke about it on The George Lopez Show. She said, “After a breakup, a friend of mine Swarovski crystalled my, um, precious lady. It shined like a disco ball.” Um, thanks Jennifer.

But whyyy vajazzle? Picture this:

  1. Vajazzle = Major confidence booster. A woman will feel more secure knowing she is well groomed.
  2. Vajazzle can cover skin imperfections such as scars and stretch marks.
  3. Vajazzle can add some excitement to your sex life.
  4. Sheer curiosity. Just vajazzle to say you did.


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  1. Maybe if it were real diamonds!

  2. That looks like a lot of work! But even better than the article topic is Jennifer Love Hewitt’s ridiculous quote!

  3. “We have tons of women that come to Rio Wax Salon in Phoenix just to get vajazzled. “They do it to make themselves feel sexy; some women do it for special occasions; before their wedding day, to surprise a boyfriend or husband. Now we have lots of women having it done right before their husband arrive home from military duty” Dannielli aka The Queen Of Waxing, was recently featured on FOX 10 News demonstrating how to bejewel your vajayjay! Click here to watch segment

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