Chevy Chase Bank To Become Capital One

September 13, 2010 |  by  |  Breaking News, Lifestyle
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If you bank at Chevy Chase, you’re now banking with Capital One. Capital One purchased Chevy Chase Bank last year and has been slowly integrating the two financial institutions together over the course of the past year. On Sept. 10, it was made official. Say goodbye to Chevy Chase and his Christmas Vacation.

Oh, c’mon you knew there had to be at least one Chevy Chase pun in here.

Wasn’t very good, was it?

The bank spent extra time and money on Chevy Chase because of the bank’s large number of locations in Capital One’s home region and the size of Chevy Chase’s holdings. The media blitz over the next couple of weeks will include large banners in the Washington, D.C., public transportation system, prominent locally targeted online advertising, and television commercials featuring star athletes. Via Mybanktracker

Pros: Former Chevy Chase customers are now going to have access to Capital One reward points that can be used toward travel and other perks.

Cons: Former Chevy Chase customers will now be hit with a $3 fee for making more than one teller visit per month and a $3 charge for making more than three ATM withdrawals in a month. Customers could save a bit through more interest for under-18 account holders and a reduced $2 minimum balance fee.


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