Ines Sainz, Azteca Reporter, Harassed by the New York Jets?

September 13, 2010 |  by  |  Sports
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Maybe the Jets players were just flirting by allegedly throwing balls, footballs, at Azteca Reporter Ines Sainz’ face during a Saturday practice.

Sainz was on site to do a story on Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez because he’s sexy and of Mexican heritage, one would presume.

Apparently Jets players also called out to her from their locker room. Remember, these are the same Jets who are currently resting in a hot bed of publicity what with their HBO Hard Knocks show and their coach, Rex Ryan’s dirty mouth.

The Jets want you to remember that they are total professionals, however.

Earlier Sunday, the Jets issued a statement, saying owner Woody Johnson spoke to Sainz on Sunday to discuss the incident.

“He stressed to Ines that he expects all members of the Jets organization to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times,” the statement said. Via Huffington Post

Who can blame a football player for wanting to flirt with Sainz, though? She’s cute! I mean, sure, she’s there trying to do her job and everything, but still, she’s cute, that must mean she wants to go on a date. Right?

That’s how these things always work out


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