New Look Redskins Beat Cowboys on Alex Barron Holding Call

September 13, 2010 |  by  |  Sports
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The media darling Cowboys lost on a last second holding call to the somewhat troubled Redskins 13-7 in a first week NFL matchup that may set the tone for the rest of the season.

You see, the Redskins weren’t supposed to win. These are the Cowboys that are supposed to head to the Super Bowl, which happens to be played this season in their own new, ridiculously huge stadium.

Enter Donovan McNabb. The former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback proved capable enough in keeping the Redskin’s offense moving forward.

Dallas quarterback Tony Romo looked like he might have salvaged the game with a last second touchdown pass that was called back due to a holding penalty by Alex Barron.

Alas, the score was negated because tackle Alex Barron was whistled for holding linebacker Brian Orakpo, stopping the Dallas celebrations in their tracks and giving Washington a victorious start in its new era with quarterback McNabb and coach Shanahan.

“I knew he held me, but as soon as I seen him throw it to Roy, I’m like `Are they gonna call it?”’ Orakpo said. “Then I looked up and saw the yellow flag on the floor. Hey, it’s game, set and match. Game over, it’s celebrating time.” Via Yahoo Sports

What does this mean? Eh. Not much. It IS only week one, but don’t expect the rest of the season to 1. be that bad for the Redskins or 2. that peachy for the Cowboys.


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