Oprah To Jet 300 ‘Ultimate Fans’ To Australia

September 13, 2010 |  by  |  Entertainment
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You’ve watched her wheel a wagon load of fat on stage, you were there when Tom Cruise jumped all over her couch, you were even there to witness the Pregnant Man in all his cherubic glory.  You and Oprah, you’ve seen things.  You’re her most loyal fan.  And now, one of the world’s most giving celebs is paying you back – with a (cue the bombastic Oprah voice) FREE TRIP TO AUSTRALIAAAAA!!!!

You heard that right.  Oprah producers hand picked 300 of Ms. Winfrey’s most loyal fans, the ones who have been there through thick (Oprah) and thin (Oprah), and are sending them on an all expense paid seven night, eight day adventure to the land Down Unda.  Why you ask?  Who cares!  It’s Oprah!

Well, actually, it’s for a taping of her show.  She shared the news today on her shows 25th season premiere.

I started to think about where would I most want to go. Maybe I should take all of you with me to the other side of the world … We’re going to Australia! We are going to Australia! You and you and you and you, are going to Australia!” the talk show queen said, sparking euphoric cheers, and even some tears, from the already keyed-up studio audience. Via abcnews.com

The Big O is no stranger to doling out generous goodies.  Previous gifts to her fans and employees have included new cars, Apple iPads and $10,000 checks.  Rumor also has it that Oprah took her entire crew on an all expenses paid cruise for HER birthday.  Did she have to bake her own cake, too?

This is Oprah’s 25th season and supposedly her last.  But with her new network OWN kicking into high gear, you know we haven’t seen the last of her, or her awesome presents.


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