Kanye has a new girlfriend, no plans for Taylor Swift to write a song about it though

September 14, 2010 |  by  |  Entertainment
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Kanye West not only unveiled a new song recently, but also a new girlfriend.
So, who is Kayne’s lucky new arm candy?  Out with Amber Rose and her weird shaved head and odd fashion choices, and in with a, wait for it, former Pussycat Doll!  Sources say that Melody Thornton, 25, and West have been dating for almost two weeks.  That’s like seven years in Hollywood time.
Thornton was the youngest member of the group and assumed the second most prominent vocal role, next to Nicole Scherzinger, and was distinguished for her melismatic vocal runs.  Whatever that means. 

According to Slant Magazine, she was often recognized as “the group’s best vocalist.”
Clearly a new fan of the upwardly mobile, Kanye has said he wants to marry a woman whom he can be proud of, and model/weirdo Amber Rose didn’t quite fit that bill.  Wikipedia says it best:
Amber Rose is an American model and socialite.  She is best known for her high profile relationship with musician Kanye West.
Being famous for dating Kanye?  That’s not good enough for this mamma’s boy.  His goal in life is to “really have an amazing woman and have a family… Amber was a one-off… I’m not trying to dive into anything unless I really, really think that I can marry this person.  I look at this person and I say, ‘This is how I want my daughter to be.’”
I can think of one person definitely worthy enough of bringing home to meet the fam, Kanye. 
Her name is Taylor Swift.


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  1. love the headline!

  2. Ha! Thanks!

  3. The thought of Kanye West as a family man = scary.

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