Top Five Most Cringeworthy moments from Bachelor Pad

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Admit it, you’re kind of sad that Bachelor Pad is over. Watching all those hotties with questionable IQ levels strive for world domination (or at least house domination) and $250K proved highly entertaining. You cheered your favorites on during all those scantily clad challenges and rooted for them at those heartbreaking rose ceremonies. Through the hostility, hot tubs and inappropriate heavy petting, there was never dull moment in the pad. In fact, most of the time it was pretty uncomfortable to watch.

Which is, of course, why we did.

So, to commemorate this ace show, I’ve compiled a list of the Top Five Most Cringeworthy Moments from Bachelor Pad. May they live on long after the Pad burns the sheets of the fantasy suite, and finally cleans that Jacuzzi.

5. Wes’s country croonin’ and Gia wooin’ – Was it just me, or did you want to projectile vomit right at the screen as Gia’s “modern day Shakespeare” sang his little heart out in episode __? Gia was utterly captivated by Wes and the song he already wooed Jillian with.

4. Weatherman, in general – This dude. Poor guy. He couldn’t catch a break. He was the shortest, the least built and the most likely to get a wedgie from his housemates. He prevailed early on in some challenges, tried to make out with Gwen, who is about__ years older than him and still not interested, and, from the looks of the girls after they kissed him during episode __’s Kissing Contest, had nostril sizzling bad breath.

3. Watching Elizabeth devour faces during the Kissing Contest - Even though her love for Kovacs bordered on the clinically insane, Elizabeth pulled out all the stops, and her tongue, in an attempt to win a rose (for her man, of course!) during the Kissing Contest. She attacked those Bachelor’s faces like a starving man would and In & Out burger. It was messy, overly vocal and made me want to rinse my mouth out with soap. What’s funny is that she didn’t even win.

2. Chris Harrison’s outfits – I wanted to forgive him when he came out looking like this: Purple pick. But the white pants he wore on the finale were unforgivable. Dude, fire your stylist.

1. Tenley barfing into her pie and then eating it – Whether she knew she did this or not is beside the point. It happened. The camera was there and Tenley, crying into her pie and ruing the day she signed up for this show, yakked into her pie and just kept eating it. Gia ended up winning that competition, but Tenley’s performance will be forever emblazed in my memory. Unfortunately.


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