University of Florida WR Chris Rainey Arrested on Felony Stalking Charge

September 14, 2010 |  by  |  Breaking News, Sports
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Text messages are so annoying, especially when someone doesn’t get the “tone” of your message.

For example, you can send something like this to some girl you like:  ”Hey I think you’re totally hot and I’ve been checking you out while you do your shopping” and she’ll call the cops and be like “This dude is harassing me!”

Ugh, one cannot underestimate the power of a “:)” The smiley face totally negates whatever message you just sent. Know it. Use it.

University of Florida WR Chris Rainey apparently didn’t use a smiley face when he texted a girl he’d been dating “time to die,” which prompted her to call the police and Rainey to get brought up on charges of aggravated stalking.

Once officers arrived at the woman’s residence, Rainey allegedly said “wait and see what happens when they leave.” At that point, officers went to Rainey’s on-campus residence and arrested him.

In court Tuesday, the woman involved, Kelly Anderson, said: “I did not want to have him arrested last night. When the police came, I signed papers to not press any charges. I don’t fear for my safety. I think he should be released on his own recognizance.”

Anderson’s sister placed the call to police just to defuse the situation, saying, “This is not an emergency.” Via Fanhouse

All of this could have been avoided if he just sent the message “Time to die :)”

See how that TOTALLY makes it OK? He’s just joking!


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  1. I’m gonna call the cops on you, you silly boy! ;)

  2. yep, the smiley works.

  3. That is the worst comment ever :)

  4. You missed a space between “arrested him.In court” :(

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