Shelley Malil’s Defense Attacks Girlfriend’s Credibility

September 15, 2010 |  by  |  Breaking News, Entertainment
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It doesn’t look like Shelley Malil is going to go to jail quietly.

The former actor who appeared in such Oscar caliber productions like the “What are you doing?”  and 40-Year-Old Virgin, is currently on trial for the stabbing of his ex lover.

And while the evidence against him is pretty damning, his defense is already doing what they do best, attacking victim Kendra Beebe.

The actor’s attorneys pointed to an incident in which Beebe lied in a disposition related to her divorce and child custody battle and took her children on an unauthorized trip outside the country. Beebe admitted her deceit in that incident and apologized.

“But it has nothing to do with me getting stabbed 25 times that night,” she said according to

Nice comeback, Beebe! Pretty good sense of humor for someone testifying against her attacker.

But, seriously, what the heck does her lying in a divorce proceeding about a trip she and her kids took have anything to do with her getting stabbed? Surely it is an attempt to make her look like, well, a liar, but I seriously doubt the two instances are anywhere near similar.

The whole knife thing kinda separates them, ya know?


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