Tea Party Candidates Win Big In Primaries

September 15, 2010 |  by  |  Breaking News, Lifestyle
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If you’d asked someone a month ago who Christine O’Donnell was, you’d most likely have been met with blank stares. But after pulling off an unexpected upset last night in the Republican Senate primary in Delaware and leaving nine-term Rep. Michael Castle in the dust, Christine O’Donnell is now a name everyone knows.

Of her win which captured 53 percent of the vote, O’Donnell told supporters, “Don’t ever underestimate the power of ‘we the people.’ ‘We the People’ will have our voice heard once again in Washington, D.C.” In November, tea party-backed O’Donnell is up against underdog Chris Coons.

Also coming as quite a surprise was the race for New Hampshire’s Republican Senate nomination. Ovide Lamontagne, a lawyer, took the lead early on but quickly dropped behind as former Attorney General Kelly Ayotte scrambled to maintain her lead by just a few hundred votes. As of Wednesday morning, this race is still too close to call.

In the Empire State, Carl Paladino shocked the GOP and clenched the Republican nomination for governor leaving Former Rep. Rick Lazio wondering what went wrong. Paladino goes up against state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo.

It’s no surprise that the unemployment rate is high or that Obama’s popularity rating is below 50 percent. Republicans attribute the “hotly contested” primaries of recent months to voter enthusiasm, which will only benefit the Republican party in the fall. In order to take control of the House, they need to win 40 seats and 10 for the Senate.


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