Twitter Just Got Cooler, But Celebs May Be Moving On

September 15, 2010 |  by  |  Breaking News, Entertainment
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Twitter just unveiled a sleeker, more user-friendly design, but some tweet-addicted celebrities just don’t care anymore.

When John Mayer shut his Twitter account on Monday — to the dismay of his 3.7 million followers — he was just the latest celebrity to abandon the micro-blogging site, Zorianna Kit writes in a Reuters report.

Say it ain’t so!

What are the normies of the world to do if not live vicariously through 140 word ramblings of the world’s most unstable people?! Like most things in Hollywood, this trend is contagious. Miley Cyrus deleted her account a year ago, Amanda Bynes deleted hers last week and Disney starlet Demi Lovato recently tweeted her last tweet, saying that she’s saying “the access that the other people have is uncomfortable to me.”

Paul Levinson, author of “New New Media,” told Reuters that Twitter has now reached a sort of “shaking out point.”

Those who joined as part of a bandwagon because their peers were on the site, are now finding out if it is truly a medium that works for them…For some it will continue to be one of the best things they could do. For others, it has become an imposition, a pain,” Levinson said.

Now Tweeters can embed video and music into your Tweets. But if there’s no one there to listen, like that proverbial tree in the forest, did it really make a sound?


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