Cinnamon Challenge More Dangerous Than It appears

September 16, 2010 |  by  |  Lifestyle
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Have you heard of the cinnamon challenge that has been making its rounds on the web lately? This seemingly harmless sounding “challenge” is anything but harmless, medical professionals say.

Urban Dictionary explains what the cinnamon challenge is all about:

A prank in which one person dares another to swallow, without the aid of water, a spoonful of ground cinnamon within sixty seconds. The spice dries the challenge taker’s mouth and is almost impossible to swallow. Some accidentally inhale the cinnamon which causes temporary but severe chest pain, much to the amusement of the challenger. Challengers use prize money as persuasion.

What is wrong with people?

Does this sound fun? Well, I guarantee you it’s not and it can even be downright dangerous. Cinnamon is a very dry powder and can be inhaled by taking a small breath. By then, it is already too late and the person will be gagging and choking — none of which is fun. Although no deaths have been reported yet, the more people that try this just up the odds.

Here’s a rule of thumb: JUST SAY NO. Spare yourself the trouble and decline any offers to participate in this asinine prank.


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  1. Im putting this in the “Things I Did Not KNow Yesterday” category. Weird.

  2. Agreed! Does anyone remember that thing that used to happen in middle school when you make eachother pass out by cutting off eachothers’ air supply? How do people think this stuff up?

  3. I’m trying this later. Thank you!

  4. watch the videos on youtube first

  5. How’d it go, George? I believe the world record is 3 teaspoons. Did you beat it?

  6. omg imma try it today aha xD i hope it works out imma try it with my boyfriend to

  7. Anyone that tries this is an idiot. If you’re that bored go do something constructive with your life!

  8. This is article is garbage. If you’re going to claim that “medical professionals” say it’s dangerous then cite something.

    And honestly, this isn’t some sort of horrid prank. It just something people do for kicks and to see if they can be the one person who can beat the challenge. I mean cmon, they aren’t shooting heroin.

    I bet the author of this also thinks that smoking weed kills millions every year. Sheer ignorance.

    DM. go fuck yourself.

  9. Hey Jake. go inhale some ground cinnamon and then tell us if you can breath asshole

  10. Jake, here is a medical reference from an actual medical professional.

    According to Dr. David Katz, director and founder of the Yale University Prevention Research Center, it is a potentially dangerous practice.

    “I think there is a real hazard here,” says Katz. “Some will end up aspirating cinnamon and some could have acute respiratory distress.”

    The reason cinnamon poses a danger is that it is so fine, that before it can be matted down with saliva, it can enter the lungs. Children with asthma are particularly at risk, and Katz wouldn’t rule out the possibility that an episode could be fatal.

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