Who Won Big Brother? Not You, My Friend

September 16, 2010 |  by  |  Entertainment
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When it comes to the craptastic reality show Big Brother, does anybody really win? For those stuck in that house or those watching at home, my guess is that everyone loses when it comes to that show.

But, since everyone wants to know:

In a vote of 4-3, Arizona State college student Hayden “The Animal” Moss beat out oil-rig salesman David “Lane” Elenburg to win Big Brother 12 and the $500,000 grand prize.

This self-described country boy, part of “The Brigade” alliance with Enzo Palumbo, Matt Hoffman and Lane, made it to the finish line after scoring a victory in the final Head of Household competition, which enabled him to evict Enzo and choose good buddy Lane to accompany him to the final round. There, the two fielded a series of questions from the jury, which awarded the jackpot to Hayden. (via Eonline.com)

There, now you know.  Go read a book.


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  1. Welp, I just got dumber. Glad I didnt have to watch the whole season.

  2. Go Sun Devils!!! :)

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