Affleck Comes Clean: Joaquin Phoenix Documentary Is A Fake

September 17, 2010 |  by  |  Breaking News, Entertainment, Lifestyle
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Remember Joaquin Phoenix’s bizarre appearance on Letterman last year where he donned sunglasses, spoke incoherently and just came off as an uncooperative drugged-out mess? Well, Casey Affleck has admitted that his documentary depicting Joaquin Phoenix’s transformation from actor to super-strange bearded rapper was simply a stunt.

We had our hunches.

The film called I’m Still Here announced that Phoenix was retiring from acting and pursuing a rap career, which was met with much disbelief. His physical transformation was odd as well. The normally clean-cut star became disheveled and seemed to have let himself go a bit, but, hey, you have to become the character right?

Casey Affleck, who happens to be Joaquin Phoenix’s brother-in-law and the film’s director, told The New York Times that the whole thing was fake and says Phoenix gave “the performance of his career.” For the mockumentary, they even faked childhood videos of Joaquin the rapper.

Thank you Casey Affleck for restoring our faith in Joaquin’s mental health. It is comforting to know that this Golden Globe-winning actor wasn’t walking away from a decorated acting career. But this question still stands: What did he achieve by wasting away two years of his life while pretending to have a breakdown? Maybe he is making a point about mental health or maybe he wanted a ton of press so the film would blow up at the box office. Either way, that is time he can never get back!


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