‘The Town’ Reviews Are In. Is Ben Affleck Back?

September 17, 2010 |  by  |  Entertainment
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So you want to see a movie this weekend, do you?

Join the club.

And, the club seems to be most interested in seeing Ben Affleck, and others, in The Town. Being promoted as Heat meets The Departed (whatever that means) The Town should jump out of the gate this weekend, based on some early, strong reviews.

But, c’mon it’s Ben Affleck. The same one who starred in Daredevil and Paycheck and Jersey Girl and Gigli. Haven’t we all come to the conclusion that he’s done?

Apparently, with the release of The Town, Ben Affleck is back. Here are the reviews to prove it.

The Huffington Post seems to think that Affleck is actually ready to break back into “bankable leading man” status…

If Gone Baby Gone wasn’t proof enough that Ben Affleck could be a real filmmaker, here comes The Town to further establish his credentials – and to reestablish him as a strong, vulnerable leading man.

Gripping and moving at the same time, The Town is a solid heist movie whose fleshed-out characters give the story the weight it requires to be more than just a caper film.

Film Junk also says Affleck is ready for prime time action again. Funny how he does so well in “roles” that place him in Boston… hmmmm…

Once again, Affleck situates his characters in real locations in Boston and his love for his hometown is apparent in every frame of the film. There is an authenticity to it that immediately puts him in the same league as directors like Martin Scorsese. It also helps when you choose the perfect story though… and really, is there anything more Bostonian than a climactic attempt to rob Fenway Park?

Newsweek might as well have given Affleck an oily back massage in public…

Affleck’s heist movie The Town is part of a career turnaround so amazing that he looks like the new Clint Eastwood. Seriously.

Screen Rant even gets in on the Ben Affleck lovefest…

With his second directorial feature, The Town, Affleck seemed poised to silence even the most ardent critics who refuse to accept his transition back from pretty boy celeb to the gifted artist who sprung to fame in the ’90s with Good Will Hunting. So, does Affleck deliver on the good faith that has been slowly building around him since his talent as a director was first revealed? In a word: absolutely.

Wowie. Welcome back, Ben. Well, hey, go see The Town. It can’t be as bad as Takers.

The Town trailer…


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