Autumnal Equinox 2010 Will Take Away Your Summer

September 20, 2010 |  by  |  Lifestyle
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Summer’s over. Well, it will be on Thursday, Sept. 23, when the Autumnal Equinox takes place in the northern hemisphere.

Those in the southern hemisphere will witness the Vernal Equinox at the same time, since they are backwards and spring is coming down there… weirdos.

And, for the geek in all of us, here’s a bit more information on why the weather’s getting colder.

In the northern hemisphere, the autumnal (fall) equinox marks the time in which the Sun crosses the equator of Earth as it heads below the equatorial plane, making the daylight and night time hours about equally long.

Simultaneously, of course, the vernal (spring) equinox occurs in the southern hemisphere, as its people begin their springtime season and as those people in the northern hemisphere begin their fall quarter of the year. Via it Wire

Then, later on in the night, the moon will be completely full — on Thursday morning (September 23, 2010) at approximately 5:17 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) – at 9:17 Universal Time (UT), according to It Wire.

What does all this mean? Eh, probably something really big to chicks who like Wicca, but, overall, it just means that it’s time for more football and the World Series is around the corner.

It also means that girls in climates with seasons (like mine) are going to start wearing lots more clothing soon. Blah.


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  1. Nooo!! I live in your climate!! I refuse to put a coat on!

  2. I won’t fight you on that.

  3. hello – is it just me !! can any one explain why when i type in the yahoo browser “” i get a different site yet whe i type it in google its ok? could this be a bug in my system or is any one else having same probs ?
    alfie saden

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