Brandon Jacobs’ Helmet Goes Flying In Sunday’s Game

September 20, 2010 |  by  |  Sports
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Football players acting badly is nothing new, but New York Giants running back Brandon Jacobs just couldn’t handle himself last night against the Indianapolis Colts and flung his helmet ten rows up into the stands. Or was this an accident?

Jacobs could have seriously injured someone, but insists that the incident was just an accident. He explains, “I was frustrated and went to throw it down on the ground, and it got caught on my finger and went into (the stands). I apologize for that. It was frustration on my part.”

The Giants’ 38-14 loss last night was embarrassing but Brandon Jacobs’ helmet flinging takes the cake and was arguably his most athletic play of the entire night.

No one can say for sure if this was an accident as Jacobs stated or a split-second decision on his part to let off some steam. After the incident, he didn’t play much in the last quarter. Coach Tom Coughlin said it was because the Giants were down and in “hurry-up” mode. He also said the 264-pound Jacobs spent too much time running laterally.

Hmmm, is this the truth or was Jacobs being punished? We’ll never know. But if you find yourself at a Giants game, watch out for flying helmets.


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