The Great Food Truck Races To NYC, Winner Declared

September 20, 2010 |  by  |  Entertainment
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In one of the most contrived endings ever witnessed in reality TV, Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Race made its last stop last night in New York City. For the last five weeks, various food trucks offering fare like French cuisine, behemoth burgers and Asian tacos have been zooming across the heartland in an attempt to win $50k.

Through Truck Stop Challenges and down-to-the-penny accounting to see which team earned the most dough, the final two trucks left racing were the San Diego-based burger truck Grill ‘Em All and the L.A.-based Vietnamese sandwich truck, Nom Nom Truck.

So last night, the two trucks had to sell $500 worth of fare in each of New York’s five burroughs. Things were going swimmingly for Grill ‘Em All, who sold their meat so fast they were an entire burrough ahead of Nom Nom and, from the looks of it, were going to win hands down.

This of course, is not good television. So, in an effort to level the playing field to give the viewers some suspense (because no one can just watch TV anymore, right?), the two teams were told to stop selling their grub, take the night off and meet back in the AM for what seemed like a hastily planned Truck Stop.

Next day got a unique twist with the Nom Noms creating Asian-inspired burgers and the Grillers trying their skills with Vietnamese Bánh mi. Fortunately, the Nom Noms win the challenge, skip Staten Island, the fourth area in the challenge and move on to convene with Grill ‘Em All in Manhattan (via Today 21).

Fortunately? Um, try totally fixed. It’s as if they took a lesson from Bachelor Pad and decided to change the game 90% through. Adaptation can work, but just don’t be so obvious about it. Viewers are not that stupid! (I hope). After tasting each item, and “thoughtfully” deliberating over them, a guest judge/celeb chef whom I’ve never heard of, declared Nom Nom the winner. Of course he did. They made him. If Grill ‘Em All won that Truck Stop Challenge, they would have pretty much won it right then and there. And those Nom Nom girls were just too cute to not keep on TV a little longer.

In the end though, good food and fast work prevailed and the Grill ‘Em All truck won the $50,000, after literally climbing to the roof of the Flatiron Building where host Tyler Florence messed with their emotions one last time by not telling them they won, but rather making them wonder if they didn’t. But they did. So eat it, Tyler. Don’t quit your day job, dude.

The Nom Nom’s came in second, looking adorable as always.


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