Lisa Pavin’s Provocative Pose On The Cover Of Avid Golfer Magazine

September 21, 2010 |  by  |  Entertainment, Sports
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You all know Corey Pavin, right? The Ryder Cup captain who has been getting some headlines for getting in a shouting match with Jim Gray and then naming Tiger Woods to the Cup team even though he hasn’t done much of anything this year.

Now, however, he can take a backseat to his wife, Lisa Pavin, who has decided that bearing a bit of skin on the cover of Avid Golfer magazine is good for publicity.

As the wife of golfer Corey Pavin, Lisa has become the most high-profile captain’s wife in the history of the Ryder Cup. Even Lisa herself has no idea why. Well, one answer is obvious: her racy pose on the cover on Avid Golfer magazine: Aye Aye Captainess!

Wearing only a red, white and blue sheet, and a large crucifix in the photo surely was provocative, but Pavin says it was “about me being patriotic.” Via Famecrawler

It’s apparent that Lisa Pavin’s cups are the Ryder Cup’s most valuable assets.

I can think of other, less flashy, ways to be patriotic…

  1. Celebrate the Fourth of July.
  2. Get an Uncle Sam tattoo.
  3. Eat some apple pie.
  4. Send Barack Obama a love letter.
  5. Check out Washington’s Monument.
  6. Watch Bristol Palin on Dancing with the Stars.
  7. Sing Yankee Doodle Dandy with a feather in your cap of choice.
  8. Sleep in on President’s Day.
  9. Drive a Ford.
  10. Spell Mississippi.

I don’t know if posing provocatively on magazine covers is in there, but hey, who am I to judge?


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  1. I am now an avid Golfer, says my husband when I showed him this pic.

  2. Game of golf just got a little more exciting? I agree with Lisa though – aside from this magazine cover pic, I can’t really understand why Lisa Pavin is so popular.

  3. Because she has boobs, duh!

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