Justin Bieber’s Make-Out Session With Jasmine Villegas

September 21, 2010 |  by  |  Breaking News, Entertainment
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AHHH what is the world coming to? Justin Bieber was caught making out with his opening act Jasmine Villegas, and his 5.3 bazillion bajillion Twitter followers cannot be happy.

Seriously, we get it Biebs, you can have any girl you want. But, you can’t actually PROVE this to your tween fans.

Do you understand what these types of girls do when they are scorned?

Think “Fatal Attraction” multiplied by the power of 10 times holy crap.

I think the equation is something like this: Bieber making out with chick = (Fatal Attaction *10) x (Hurricane Katrina).

Good luck, buddy. I’m not the only one wondering about the potential fallout.

I wonder how Justin Bieber’s 5.3 million Twitter followers will react when they see TMZ’s photos of Justin, 16, totally making out with Jasmine Villegas, also 16, in the backseat of a Honda, taken Sept. 9 in Venice, Calif. As true Beliebers already know, Jasmine is the opening act on Justin’s tour, as well as the lady of interest in his music video for “Baby.” But boy, I bet none of them expected to see this! Via Hollywood Life

So, Biebs, it’s time for some damage control for this Jasmine Villegas thing.

Merely say that she was choking on something and you were using your god-given powers of Lazarus-like resuscitation to bring the girl back to life so that she could enjoy your music. Do it, and do it fast, and you can probably save your career.

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  1. Ive already got the pot out, kid.. dont tempt me.

  2. Dost though runneth down the path of Corey Haim, Corey Feldman or NKOTB?

  3. I thin you are really stupid

  4. whats up whay did you and justin drannk up

  5. how is your singing going …….

  6. is on the Nice Baby none as togethers

  7. Ahh. Snap someone got busted!! Haha (:

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