Steve Wiebe Regains Donkey Kong Title, Nerds Everywhere Rejoice

September 21, 2010 |  by  |  Breaking News, Entertainment
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Steve Wiebe, the Seattle area teacher and cult-like star of the King Kong documentary, “The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters,” has reclaimed his thrown once again, sending indoor kids around the world into a tizzy.

Wiebe, a hero among gamers and geeks, racked up 1,064,500 points on Aug. 20, breaking the record of his evil arch nemesis, Billy “That Other Indoor Kid” Mitchell.

Mitchell scored 1,062,800 points earlier this year and like the vengeful villain that he pretends to be, timed his groundbreaking announcement of the feat to coincide with Wiebe’s induction ceremony into the International Video Game Hall of Fame. What a meanie! But, like every good hero story, Wiebe didn’t give up, and quietly continued his pursuit of the crown.

‘I’ve never let go of trying to recapture the record myself,’ Wiebe said. ‘There are a lot more DK [that means Donkey Kong to all the non-nerds reading this] kill screen players out there now, so the competition is getting pretty tough. I fully expect the title to keep changing hands until someone knocks it out of the park.’

Wiebe spent his summer working to break his record. No word on whether he spent any time working on a tan. Either way, the moral of this tale is that the bad guy never wins, even if you do have glorious hair like Billy:


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  1. has reclaimed his thrown once again

    LMAO. I’m a terrible speller, but that is pretty bad. Think you meant Throne.


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