Sayonara Heiress: Paris Hilton Banned From Japan

September 22, 2010 |  by  |  Entertainment
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Paris “The Law Doesn’t Really Apply To Me” Hilton just got a reality check. She has been banned from Japan. Yeah, the whole country.

Why, pray tell, would an entire nation not want to be graced with Ms. Hilton’s presence?  Um, because in Japan pleading guilty to a misdemeanor drug charge after an arrest for cocaine possession is a BIG DEAL.

I ask you: Wouldn’t this be the sort of thing her high-priced lawyer and/or PR peeps would maybe look into before they put their precious client on an 15-hour flight?

In town to promote her fragrance and fashion line, she didn’t make it past the Tokyo airport. She did, however, get to spend some quality time with officials in a six-hour marathon interrogation session. What on earth did they have to talk about for that long?

Then, in true diva fashion, Paris hopped on a private plane and jetted back to America, where we Americans embrace her hot mess of a life with arms wide open.

Before flying out of the country, Hilton told reporters:

I’m going back home, and I look forward to coming back to Japan in the future… I’m really tired.

Hey Paris, I totally understand — we’re all really tired, too… of YOU.


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  1. What a ridiculous tramp.

  2. That is embarasing.

  3. My friend Caroline just sent me a message on Twitter: “@SheKnows_Alison I hear Nicole Richie is getting married this wknd, think I know where Paris is heading next. The good drugs are in Mexico.” Haha – I think she’s on to something!


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