Zestra Ads Too Risque To Handle?

September 22, 2010 |  by  |  Lifestyle
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Anyone can name at least one erectile dysfunction medication because we’re constantly bombarded with commercials on TV. The ever-popular Viagria, Cialis and Levitra all come to mind in a matter of seconds. But can you name a female sexual arousal equivalent? Didn’t think so.

Zestra, manufactured by Semprae Laboratories in Saddle Brook, NJ, is a female arousal product that is applied topically to, uh you know where, before getting busy.

Here is something to think about: It is a fact that 43 percent of women suffer from sexual dysfunction whereas only 31 percent of men have the same problem. This statistic is baffling because there is a need for products that help women. But where are the Zestra commercials?

In our society, men rule. Erectile dysfunction advertisements have become the norm. Laura Berman, sex therapist and author, explains,

Ads for Viagra and the drugs like it are on during dinnertime, during primetime television, and nobody blinks an eye. We just accept that it’s okay to talk about men needing and wanting sexual pleasure and sexual function.

But when it comes to women, their sexual dysfunction is apparently taboo. Zestra’s manufacturers approached more than 100 media outlets and were rejected by 95 percent of them. Even Facebook took a stand and banned the company’s ads. Can the American public really not handle this? I think not.

As one would expect, the ladies of The View discussed this bias at length. Laura Berman made an appearance and discussed Zestra: “It seems so crazy to me that we can have an advertisement about a four-hour erection … and we can’t talk about women’s sexual arousal. It is, to me, a sign of how close to the dark ages we still are.”

So what is the big deal, America?


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