Duquesne Light Outage: Pittsburgh Residents May Be Without Power Until Sunday

September 23, 2010 |  by  |  Breaking News
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About 82,000 households serviced by Duquesne Light are currently without power after a huge storm ripped through the city like Ben Roethlisberger at a night club and brought down power lines.

(For the record, I correctly spelled “Roethlisberger”  on the very first try. Thank you.)

According to Thandian.com, The Duquesne Light personnel reported that they were doing their very best so that they could restore back the power of more than 80,000 households. The region had been lashed by a very powerful thunderstorm on Wednesday and since then the power had been on the blink. Even though the Duquesne Light personnel were trying their best to restore the power lines as soon as possible, they also warned that some regions were so badly affected by the storm that power would only be back in those areas by Sunday.

It’s these kinda times that I’m reminded how we haven’t really had electricity that long (humans, I mean.) But, now, we get a bit of a power outage and oooooh boy we’re in a funk.

Hopefully people there can still use their smartphones to get on Facebook and Twitter or there may be some serious crimes against humanity going on.

What’s a Pittsburghian to do in this time of need?

Meanwhile the municipality officials issued an advisory to the inhabitants that they ought to remain indoors, because the power lines are strewn all over the streets and on the roads as well. Many of the public schools have also closed as well.

Makes sense to me.

Also, if you see Ben Roethlisberger (did it AGAIN!) in a dark alley, run! Fast!


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