Portage, Wisconsin Levee Could Break

September 27, 2010 |  by  |  Breaking News
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Some citizens of Portage, Wisconsin, are staying put even as a levee began to fail, sending water into their community.

Nearly 75 of the town’s 300 families have decided to stay despite the threat.

And, with dikes built as far back as the 1890s serving as the only obstacle between keeping Portage a town and not a swimming pool, tensions are high.

Columbia County Emergency Management Director Pat Beghin says the levee on the Wisconsin River has deteriorated in the Town of Caledonia, just west of Portage. The river has been swollen by recent thunderstorms. Via Yahoo! News

According to the Associated Press, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources engineers are inspecting the 14-mile levee system, which includes some dikes built mainly of sand in the 1890s.

I wouldn’t want to leave my house behind either… but if the river’s level keeps rising there may not be any other recourse.

On the bright side, I heard Portage is really nice this time of year.


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