Vanessa Williams Spices Up ‘Desperate Housewives’ Cast

September 27, 2010 |  by  |  Entertainment
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The premiere of Desperate Housewives aired last night on ABC and it seems like season 7 will be full of drama, blood and all that other good stuff that keeps you glued to your TV. Spoilers ahead!

Vanessa Williams is the latest addition to the Desperate Housewives cast and plays Lynette’s rich college roommate Renee Perry. When she comes for a visit (via limo of course), we learn she is married to a Yankees player and is quite adept at trading insults with Lynette. Vanessa Williams’ character is arrogant yet likable and will hopefully inject season 7 with some much-needed excitement.

So what else is happening on Wisteria Lane?

-Paul Young is out of jail and is renting Mike and Susan’s house ready to get revenge of some sort.
-Susan and Mike have moved into a small apartment and are trying to make ends meet. Behind Mike’s back, Susan has started doing housework for money–on webcam wearing lingerie!
-Bree came clean to Gabby about how Mrs. Solis really died and Gabby can’t find the strength to tell Carlos.
-The truth comes out that Juanita is not Carlos and Gabby’s biological daughter. The hospital informed Carlos of the bad news, but he keeps it to himself knowing it’ll break Gabby’s heart.

It looks like a juicy season is to come!


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