Another Undeserving Tweeter Gets A TV Deal

September 28, 2010 |  by  |  Entertainment
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The world has just gotten a little dumber today, thanks to CBS. Hot on the heels of the Twitter to TV show S*** My Dad Says, TV execs must have been ordered to scour the Internet for the next big thing.

And, of course, they found it on Twitter.

Ahh Twitter, possibly the most pointless thing ever invented for the un-special and non-famous (i.e. YOU), might actually be starting to make said non-famous people slightly to moderately famous. It seems some dude who tweets about his crappy roommate just landed a development deal from CBS. The Twitter feed is called “Shh … Don’t Tell Steve” and it highlights all the lowbrow stuff that Steve the roommate does.

Really? This is what it’s come to?

The CBS version of Don’t Tell Steve is about man who deals with an immature roommate. Like $#*! My Dad Says, the Twitter feed’s premise is a guy who secretly Tweets the actions of somebody he lives with (in this case, his jobless, drunken roommate). Samples from the feed: ‘Steve loudly challenging people to a drinking contest. Nobody biting, so he’s just doing shots and declaring himself the winner’ … ‘Steve, just now, yelling from our bathroom: ‘Total Asparagus pee bro! Come smell!’ … and his latest Tweet, fittingly for a feed that just landed a CBS sitcom deal: ‘Steve on TV Premiere Week: You are not making me watch the ‘Dancing Washed Up Stars’ results show. We’re watching NCIS.’

This really is a new low, America. It makes me wonder if that movie, Idiocracy, isn’t too far off. The highest rated show in that movie was the hit Ow, My Balls.

Oh look, it too, has a Twitter feed.


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