Wrong Winner Crowned On Australia’s Next Top Model

September 28, 2010 |  by  |  Entertainment
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This is why I cannot watch sporting events, Broadway shows, and live TV — there is always that slim chance that something majorly BAD will happen. And last night, it happened — big time. Sarah Murdoch, of the Rupert Murdoch clan (she’s his daughter-in-law) and host of Australia’s Next Top Model, accidentally crowned the wrong winner.

Oh, snap.

It took about two minutes to realize the error — two minutes where the faux winner’s lifelong dream of being a top model was finally realized, her monetary woes put to rest, fame finally hers, family there live to witness it all — before Murdoch had to break the news and pretty much go “Oops, my bad.”

Sarah, the supermodel wife of┬áLachlan Murdoch, announced that contestant Kelsey Martinovich had won the show and that Amanda Ware was runner-up. A sea of teenage girls began to scream. Everyone hugged and wept. Suddenly, Sarah’s hands flew to her face. ‘I don’t know what to say right now,’ Sarah said with wide eyes. ‘I’m feeling a bit sick about this.’ (via Gawker).

Was someone in that control room so fast asleep, drunk or both that they would actually feed the host the wrong answer? Well, apparently, yes. Damn you, earpiece!

To make up for this life-ruining snafu, Australia’s Next Top Model producers are giving faux winner Kelsey $25,000 to apologize for the error and hopefully stave off a lawsuit for mental anguish. Amanda — the real winner — scored pretty big with a modeling contract, loads of cash, a spread in Harper’s Bazaar, a car and a free trip to New York.

Watch it all unfold here:


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