Trufocals: Eyewear For The Future

September 29, 2010 |  by  |  Lifestyle
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Tired of your regular old bifocals? Well, Zoom Focus Eyewear of Van Nuys, California, has just released TruFocals, which might revolutionize vision for the over-40 crowd. TruFocals claim that you’ll experience crystal-clear vision whether using a computer, reading a newspaper or gazing into the distance.

The concept is simple. TruFocals, which weigh the same as ordinary glasses, consist of two pairs of lenses. The outer lenses are for distance vision and the inner ones have an expandable pocket that contains a clear silicone-based liquid. A manual slider on the eyeglasses adjusts the focus by changing the shape of the pocket, thus correcting the wearer’s vision. The outer lens can also fix other vision problems such as astigmatism and nearsightedness.

Sound cool? TruFocals will run you close to $900 and have a very distinct Harry Potter-type shape that is not for everyone. One market where they’ve taken off is with astronauts. NASA optometrist Robert Gibson is impressed with TruFocals. He says, “The astronauts don’t really care what they look as long as they can see. These give you crystal-clear optics without any distortion whatsoever. That becomes more critical in an enclosed environment like the shuttle or the space station.”

Will TruFocals take off or not?


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