Tiger Woods sex tape: Devon James Teeing Off Tiger Woods Sex Tape? Fore!

September 30, 2010 |  by  |  Breaking News, Sports
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A Tiger Woods sex tape with Devon James?

Sex tapes are soooo 2004.

Regardless, Tiger Woods is next up on the block and he’s pulling out a nine iron to get out of the rough.

See what I did there?

Reports are out that Devon James, one of Tiger Woods’ mistresses, is planning on releasing a sex tape that shows a three-some that her, Tiger Woods and another woman took part in. Via The News of Today

A threesome? Doesn’t Tiger usually play in foursomes? (ANOTHER golf joke. This could go on all day.)

Apparently, James wants $350,000 for the sex tape, but no one has actually seen it yet. According to reports, there are rumors floating around that a tape doesn’t really exist, and that James is just doing this for publicity. It is highly unlikely that Woods would have agreed to allow a tape to be made. If he hadn’t allowed for it, the tape would be considered illegal, if it exists, according to The News of  Today.

Why wouldn’t Tiger Woods have allowed a sex tape to be made? It’s not like he even deleted the numbers off of his phone or his wife wouldn’t have found them and none of this would have happened in the first place.

Simple rule, people: If you’re going to be texting on the sly, just change a girl’s name in your phone to its male counterpart. For example, if you’re horning it up with a Loretta, just put her in as Larry and you save yourself from a sand trap.

See what I… oh, nevermind.


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  1. Good logic with Woods not using his better judgement against making a sex tape. I’m looking forward to seeing if he really did screw this one up too. Let’s see what comes of this Tiger Woods – Devon James sex tape thing.

  2. It’s a way to make a living, I spose.

  3. “Success in almost any field depends more on energy and drive than it does on intelligence. This explains why we have so many stupid leaders.”

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