Justin Timberlake Is Taking Over The World Faster Than Ryan Seacrest

September 30, 2010 |  by  |  Entertainment
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Other than the ubiquitous and annoying Ryan Seacrest, there are very few Hollywood celebs that take on as much as ex-N*Sync-er, Justin Timberlake.

First he was a Mouseketeer (and Britney’s boyfriend), then he became an international pop star turned millionaire mogul. Not even grabbing and then exposing Janet Jackson’s boobie at the Super Bowl slowed him down.

You’d think he’d stop after the cologne and the clothing line, but, like so many pop stars, JT caught the acting bug.

One “Dick In A Box” skit and a few small roles later, Timberlake is taking on his most demanding and celebrated role yet - as the Napster punk Sean Parker in the Aaron Sorkin penned/David Fincher directed film, The Social Network.

Opening this Friday, it’ll be interesting to see if Timberlake can pull it off next to the new Spiderman and super-talented actor’s actor Jesse Eisenberg.

It may be just me, but in every promo I’ve viewed of The Social Network, Justin seems a tad out of place. A little too tall, a little too good looking. A little too cocky. But, maybe that’s just the role. If it is, then he just might be adding “Award Winning Actor” to his resume sometime in the near future.

Makes you wish you could sing and dance as a child, doesn’t it?


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