The Mullet is Back, This Time In Dress Form

September 30, 2010 |  by  |  Lifestyle
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Not since the video for Guns ‘N Roses’ hit song “November Rain” starring Victoria’s Secret model Stephanie Seymour has the world been so captivated b … the mullet dress.

Oh yeah, you heard me. You thought it ended with the Kentucky Waterfall, but the mullet isn’t just for hick hair anymore.

There are fewer offensive hairstyles in this world than the mullet. It’s tasteless, creepy, and worst of all, it’s dishonest. Clean and respectable at first glance with a dirty, tangled mess hidden behind it? I shudder to think. Translate it to fashion, however, and the mullet sings quite a different tune. With haute couture houses like Versace, Chanel and Prada taking a stab at it, the result is fashion’s latest question mark. But it’s a gift to shoe designers, who finally get to have a red carpet moment at a formal event (via Yahoo! Shine).

Check out some threads below and see for yourself:

Elizabeth Banks getting hippied out in George Chakra Couture

Victoria Beckham aching for curves in Marc Jacobs

Beyoncé looking booty (and thigh) – licious in Balmain

What do YOU think of this fashion trend?


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  1. Oh gross. Please no.

  2. Actually… I take that back. This just screams red carpet fumbles and acceptance speech stumbles. Bring it. Just not on me, thx.

  3. I’m really happy I’m not a senior shopping for prom dresses this year. Methinks this will be a trend.

  4. GEORGE APPROVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. i can’t believe the poll is currently 50/50

  6. Y6hX4z Great post.Thanks Again. Awesome.

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