The Wire Daily Buzz Including LeAnn Rimes Being A Home Wrecker!

September 30, 2010 |  by  |  Breaking News, Entertainment
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Check out today’s top celebrity news stories including LeAnn Rimes being a dumpy home wrecker, Rhianna and Drake reuniting and much more after the jump!

No one likes LeAnn Rimes anymore and it’s probably because she’s a dumb home wrecker. Well, some people think that. - CelebriFi

Rhianna and Drake totally reunited in NYC and it feels so good. -Too Fab

Paris Hilton’s boyfriend was cited for a hit and run last night. Seriously, can someone lock this woman away? - TMZ

Rachel Bilson wears leopard print and she looks pawesome. - Dana’s Dirt

Jenny McCarthy used to be really hairy… down there. - The Frisky

John Lennon wasn’t so bad looking. – The Berry

Someone got engaged to Seth RogenShe Knows


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