Wake County, NC Public Schools Accused of Racism

September 30, 2010 |  by  |  Breaking News, Lifestyle
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Being accused of being racist has to suck. Because, even if you’re not, you’re accused of it, which makes you look like you probably are because someone decided that you were doing something worthy of being called racist.

And, even though that’s a run-on sentence, it’s totally true. Take the guys who are accused of rape and then found innocent. They were still accused of being a rapist, which means you probably wouldn’t let your daughters date them, even if a court of law said they weren’t rapey mcrapersons.

Anyway, Wake County Public Schools in North Carolina has been accused by the NAACP of being racist. Ouch.

African-American, Hispanic and mixed-race students in the Wake County Public School System and their families, have been injured by the intentionally racially discriminatory actions of a five-member majority of the Wake County Board of Education,” alleges a Sept. 24 federal complaint against the board by the NAACP and NC NAACP, filed last week. Via the Wilmington Journal

The individual complaints within the complaint are many but include the story of Quinton White, an 18-year-old African-American student who, without warning, was reassigned from Garner High School to Southeast Raleigh High School earlier this year.

According to the Wilmington Journal, Wake School Board Chairman Ron Margiotta blasted the NAACP federal complaint as being a ”distraction” that will now cost a lot of money to fight. He maintains that the allegations in the complaint are baseless.

This looks like it will end well.


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