Deranged Teacher Marco Alferez Accused of Taping Sex With Kids

October 1, 2010 |  by  |  Breaking News
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Disturbing news of an El Paso, Texas high school dance teacher has hit the news circuit today. 34-year-old Marco Alferez was sent to jail Thursday and denied bond on charges of sexual exploitation of minors and possessing child pornography. Two hundred videotapes were seized depicting the perv engaging in illicit acts including sex with as many as 70 children — many elementary school age.

This revelation came to light after federal agents linked his IP address to the sharing of three child pornography videos, reports CBS affiliate KDBC. Two of his computers were seized.

According to the El Paso Times,

ICE agent Gilbert Campa testified at Wednesday’s bond hearing that he found 12 VHS tapes, each approximately four to six hours long, and 107 8-mm tapes of Alferez having sex with children. Campa also claimed Alferez confessed to making the videos of himself with children and made remarks that ‘his life was over’.

Just like families often do after a relative has been accused of a monstrous crime, Marco Alferez’s aunt, Maria Teresa Garcia, supported her nephew. She spoke with the El Paso television station KFOX and insisted that her nephew wasn’t a “menace to the community” and even said he is an inspiration. Oh really? An inspiration for pedophiles everywhere? The tapes don’t lie sweetheart.

Marco Alferez has taught at El Paso’s Irvin High School since 2008 and has been placed on paid administrative leave. This creep better spend the rest of his life in prison.


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