Key Largo’s Jules Undersea Lodge May Be Coolest Hotel Ever

October 1, 2010 |  by  |  Lifestyle
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As the only underwater hotel in the world, Jules Undersea Lodge is the most revolutionary thing to hit the hotel industry. The lodge, which opened in 1986, is 21 feet under water and is accessible only with scuba equipment. If you do not want to get wet, these accommodations are not for you. Once inside, though, you’ll find all the comforts of home including a comfy bed, a hot shower, and a kitchen. Just walk over to your 42-inch window to see friendly parrotfish, anemones, oysters, barracuda, and snappers peeking back at you. Because it’s so remote, Jules Undersea Lodge has been voted one of the best spots on Earth to get away from it all.

The lodge’s website further explains the concept,

Although the underwater hotel may sound like the latest tourist fun spot, Jules Undersea Lodge actually began its existence as La Chalupa research laboratory, an underwater habitat used to explore the continental shelf off the coast of Puerto Rico. The authenticity of the underwater habitat is what really sets it apart from amusement parks and other similar attractions.

In terms of safety, Jules Undersea Lodge is monitored constantly by staff located in the above water command center in the Emerald Lagoon. There are support systems and then backup systems on top of that to make sure every guest is safe at all times.

Sound like something you may want to check out? Jules Undersea Lodge overnight stays start at $375 per person per night. They even have wedding packages if you’re looking to tie the knot.


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  1. The picture is misleading. The comment says you have a 42″ window, but the picture shows a much larger viewing area.

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