Marijuana Decriminalized In California. In Other News, California Just Ran Out Of Cheetos

October 1, 2010 |  by  |  Breaking News, Lifestyle
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Arnie the Governator just decriminalized the possession of marijuana in California. While this is surely the best day of any stoner’s life, it wasn’t done just so they can wake and bake and then drive really slow on the freeways on their way to work.

There is actually a reason for it.

That reason: California is BROKE. It needs money! And what better way to make money than fine stoners $100 every time they get caught blazing up.

That’s right. Weed is still not legal, yet, but if you are found with up to a full ounce of the green stuff, it’s no longer a misdemeanor. It’s more like an offense no worse than a speeding ticket.

As of January 1st, California also won’t be wasting any more taxpayer money on judges or attorney costs over pot related arrests. I know of a few famous folks who must be pretty stoked about this new bill.

Good for you, California!  Way to take initiative and get yourself outta debt! Then more people will want to live there!


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  1. Cheetohs? Puhleeese. Doritos.

  2. My bad… :)


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