US Ryder Cup Team Ditches Sun Mountain Gear

October 1, 2010 |  by  |  Breaking News, Sports
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The US Ryder Cup Team was spotted wearing the European Ryder Cup logo on their newly purchased windbreakers. Why? Because their original ones, made by Sun Mountain Gear, left them all wet.

The rain gear provided by Sun Mountain Sports could not keep the members of the US Ryder Cup team dry enough, when a downpour fell in Wales. After 2 hours of playing in the rain, the team had had enough. Via The News of Today

Eeek! Talk about an unendorsement. Sun Mountain Gear has been making golf apparel for years and, undoubtedly, did not foresee this type of bad press.

But, you can’t blame the Americans in this situation. It was either stay dry or get sopping wet, and they chose the former.

‘We were disappointed with the performance of them and we just fixed it,’ captain Corey Pavin. ‘They were not doing what we wanted them to do, so we went out and bought some more waterproofs.’

Yeah, they bought “waterproofs” from the merchandise tent, which included the European Logo.

Sun Mountain has some egg on its face and it’s not doing much to wipe it off with its recently released statement in regards to the incident:

Sun Mountain has been designing and selling outerwear for more than two decades. We have provided rainwear to 3,000-plus PGA of America Professionals and over 150 tour players, and supplied outerwear to numerous US teams, including the Walker Cup and the 2000 and 2009 Presidents Cup teams. Sun Mountain has staff on the ground at the Ryder Cup working in conjunction with the PGA of America on this issue. Via Yahoo! Sports

Wow, how about this. “We are totally sorry that our rain coats are not good. We are going to try and make some better ones. Oh, also, remember that time we did all this good stuff? Focus on that until this blows over. Kthxbye.”


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