Lisa Rinna Undergoes Lip Reduction Surgery

October 5, 2010 |  by  |  Breaking News, Entertainment
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Lisa Rinna recently underwent lip reduction surgery. Did she need it?

Um. yes. Yes she did.

The actress, famous for her TV roles, recently revealed that she had lip reduction surgery in August.

And while some celebrities may be lambasted for going under the knife, I think it’s safe to say that many people wouldn’t fault the plump-lipped hottie for getting something done about those crazy pillows.

Lisa Rinna is dishing about lip reduction surgery she had in August. Never shy about her personal life, she and husband Harry Hamlin star in the upcoming reality show Harry Loves Lisa, she talked about her body issues, breast implants and her sex life in her book Rinnavation and she tweets things likeĀ bikini photos of herself. Via The Huffington Post

Just to be clear, the photo above was before she had the surgery.

While Rinna already had Jolie lips to begin with, she said that the silicone she had injected into her upper lip in the 1980s developed scar tissue, bulking it up and making the lip bumpy.

“My lips started to define who I am,” Rinna, 47,tells People. “That bothered me… I took a big hit for being honest. It gave everyone online permission to lambaste me. It hurt my feelings.”

And the surgery was a success. Now instead of feeling “bumpy and uneven … my lip has no lumps! It’s smooth.”

I don’t know about you, but doesn’t any plastic surgery done in the 1980s seem REALLY middle ages? Like, if you had something done in that decade, I’d definitely recommend getting a checkup.


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