McDonald’s Monopoly is Back Starting Today. Is it Fun Anymore?

October 5, 2010 |  by  |  Breaking News, Lifestyle
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McDonald’s Monopoly Game is back and, even though it’s totally just a way for me to rationalize buying Big Macs for awhile, it’s worth it.

Sure, you can just say that it’s a thinly veiled ploy for a large corporation to continue to brainwash the youth of America into eating food that is awful for them. And, while you’re probably right. But I’m going to be patronizing McDonald’s during this Monopoly Contest because I am making the decision that I just don’t care.

OK? So, now that we’re past that little bit of preface, let’s go into the reasons why McDonald’s Monopoly is truly awesome.

1. Because it is Monopoly and everyone totally loves… wait. I hate that game. I haven’t finished a complete game of Monopoly in like 10 years. Seriously.

2. Because it’s fun to get two of the three pieces you need to win a big prize, like say two of the Railroads, and then NEVER see that third railroad no matter how many times you play. Day in and day out.

3. Because it’s fun that when you do win something, it’s invariably just a small order of fries or a small soda that is probably worth less than the paper the game piece is printed on, anyway.

4. Because it’s fun to make sure you buy the right size food item in order to make sure you get the game pieces, resulting in your stomach reacting by forcing you to sit on the toilet the rest of the afternoon.

5. Ok, I give up.

I thought this game was more fun than it is. But, hey, who’s perfect?

Be sure to play, starting today. I know I still will. Because I have no self control. Who’s with me?


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  1. McDonald’s really needs to reinvent themselves

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