MTV Just Became Cool Again: Justin Bieber To Revive ‘Punk’d’

October 5, 2010 |  by  |  Entertainment
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Tweens of the world, put down your cell phones and listen up.

You don’t know this, but back when your parents and teachers were kids, MTV actually played music videos. Only a small portion of the programming was set aside for silly game shows like Remote Control, and there was nary an STD-infected Jersey Shore cast mate to be found.

These were the salad days.

Slowly, more and more TV shows started to replaced our beloved videos of Paul Abdul dancing with a cartoon cat. One of these shows was Punk’d. It made Ashton Kutcher more famous than ever and made Hollywood nervous that every bad waiter at a restaurant was just a punk waiting to happen.

After going away for a few years, like most things in Hollywood — Punk’d is getting a face lift. And who better than to bring the franchise back but golden boy Justin Bieber? I guess one acting stint on CSI makes him a certifiable host for the hidden camera show.

The show’s creators/ executive producers, original host Ashton Kutcher and Jason Goldberg, are back to executive produce the new installment through their company Katalyst. There has been a lot of chatter about a Punk’d revival since the celebrity hidden-camera show went off the air in 2007 after 4 years and 69 episodes. Bieber was identified as a new host in the summer with talks going on ever since (via Deadline Hollywood).

While no premiere date is set yet –  they have to keep celebs guessing if it will even happen, I suppose, because once they catch a whiff that they might be getting Punk’d, the joke is ruined.

So why Bieber. Come on, why not Bieber!

Bieber is currently the hottest music artist/personality for MTV’s target teen audience. Kutcher and Bieber are currently No.3 and No.5 on the list of top celebrities on Twitter with more than 5 million followers each, making the combination of the two an instant Twitter behemoth. For Kutcher, a revival of Punk’d will mark a return to his roots as a producer as the MTV reality show put his Katalyst on the map.

They grow up so fast, don’t they? Will you watch the new Punk’d? Who should be the first victim?


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