Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Brother ‘Burning Dan’ Passes Away

October 6, 2010 |  by  |  Breaking News
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It has been reported that Dan Gordon-Levitt (right), big brother to actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, has passed away. Currently there is no further information about his death.

Dan Gordon-Levitt, 36, known as Burning Dan to some who has an uncanny resemblance to his younger brother, was a performance artist and fire dancer at Nevada’s annual Burning Man festival. Joseph Gordon-Levitt and his brother were close. He tweeted:

“My super hero brother @burningdan 1974-2010. Celebrate his life here ~ because he’s f***ing awesome”

On hitRECord’s main page, an online community of artists founded by the Gordon-Levitt brothers, Joseph writes,

BURNING dAN brightly embodied that bold beastly bliss sometimes referred to as ‘the creative spirit.’ He was my chief collaborator on the foundational incarnations of over the years and continues to inspire us ever the more. He would absolutely positively insist that we not let this bad news deter us on our collective mission. That said, I might not feel up to it for a little while.

RIP Dan Gordon-Levitt.


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