Patriots Looking to Bring Back Deion Branch?

October 7, 2010 |  by  |  Sports
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With Randy Moss back in Minnesota, the New England Patriots may be looking to get back former Super Bowl hero Deion Branch.

A current Seattle Seahawk, Branch was the Super Bowl XXXIX MVP for the Patriots. And while some may call him “undersized” the Patriots may be calling him “the perfect fit.”

With the loss of Moss (see what I did there?) the Pats are thin at the wide out position, having only Wes Welker (great), Brandon Tate (young), Julian Edelman (who?), Matthew Slater (plays special teams), and Taylor Price (currently doesn’t even play).

Does the move make sense, though?

If you’re the Patriots, it probably does.

Branch knows how to win and the Pats rely on players who get the job done. In fact, Moss was one of very few superstar pickups the team ever made en route to consistently making the playoffs and winning a few Super Bowls.

The Patriots are going into a bye week as well, which would give Branch time to work with super hot Tom Brady.

Don’t be surprised if this move happens sooner than later. The Patriots have enough draft picks that they probably wouldn’t even have to part with a current player to get Branch back.


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