Roberto Alomar’s Wife Says HIV Positive Ex-Ball Player Forced Unprotected Sex With Her

October 7, 2010 |  by  |  Breaking News, Sports
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Roberto Almar’s wife is divorcing him, saying the former HIV positive major league ball player forced her to have unprotected sex with him.

Yeah, that would do it for me too.

According to reports, Maria Del Pilar “Maripily” Rivera Alomar, 33, says Alomar “intentionally, with corrupt intent, concealed from (her) his physical condition” to have unprotected sex with her, according to papers filed in a Florida divorce court, reports the New York Post.

Alomar lied in the beginning of the marriage, saying he was HIV negative.

Forget strike one, that’s three strikes at once.

‘Prior to the marriage,’ the suit says, Alomar told her ‘he had been tested for sexually transmitted diseases and the tests were negative.’ But after their wedding in 2009, she ‘learned from conclusive proof’ that he was HIV-positive. Via The Toronto Sun

This isn’t the first time Alomar was accused of exposing a women to the disease.

According to The Toronto Sun, a former girlfriend, Ilya Dall, sued Alomar for $15 million in early 2009, claiming that Alomar had full-blown AIDS, but had encouraged her to keep having unprotected sex with him.

Why wouldn’t these woman up and flee immediately? That’s like asking them to put a fully loaded gun in their mouths, pull the trigger and hope it misfires.

So far, Alomar’s wife says she hasn’t contracted the disease.

Wrap that rascal, kids!

Alomar was one of baseball’s best players in the 1990s, making 12 straight All-Star appearances and winning two World Series with the Blue Jays in Toronto. He also played for the San Diego Padres, Baltimore Orioles, Cleveland Indians, New York Mets, Arizona Diamondbacks and Chicago White Sox. He left baseball in 2005.


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