Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo Wins Nobel Peace Prize, China Fumes

October 8, 2010 |  by  |  Breaking News, Lifestyle
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The Chinese government is panning the awarding of Liu Xiaobo, a Chinese dissident, with the Nobel Peace Prize.

The Chinese government has lashed out at the announcement of Liu Xiaobo’s prize, who is sentenced to 11 years in a Chinese prison.

China has lashed out at the Nobel Peace Prizecommittee after it awarded this year’s prize to jailed Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo, who has long called for political reform in the country. Via VOA NEWS

The 54-year-old writer was detained in December 2008, shortly before the release of Charter 08 – a manifesto he helped organize that calls for sweeping political reform.

Patrick Poon, of the Independent Chinese PEN Center, a writers’ group that Liu has previously headed, says he thinks a hard-line from the Chinese government will actually inspire more people to speak out.

China has long been at the fore when it comes to human rights violations and their handling of this situation could spark a groundswell within a government that restricts Internet access.

In fact, most news of Liu Xiaobo’s Nobel Peace Prize win has been suppressed in the country.

The Chinese government’s reaction was swift and unequivocal. A statement on the Chinese Foreign Ministry’s website called the award “an obscenity” that goes against the aims of the award.  It warned the award also will hurt China’s relations with Norway, the country where the Nobel Committee is based.

Go Vikings!


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