Laurie Pierce Crowned Miss Black International Pageants 2010

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In December 2009, Laurie Pierce was crowned Miss Colorado Black International 2010.

Ever hear of the Miss Black International Pageants? It’s an annual pageant where young women in the African American community such as Laurie Pierce, can show off their looks, intellect and talent. Miss Black International Pageants is a National Scholarship Pageant Program designed and dedicated to the mission of providing unique opportunities, education, empowerment and enrichment for young women of color throughout the U.S.

According to the Miss Black International Pageants website:

Miss Black International Pageants is a program of Vision & Integrity. Our goal is to expose young women of color particularly African Americans to a world called “Pageantry ” that’s exciting , fulfilling and enriching but exclusive… closed to many. We desire to create an environment that creates inclusion of a Talented, Poised, Intelligent, Unique group of young women.

The pageant is not approved by all, though. Many feel it is a racist competition since only African American women can enter.

But aside from the haters, Miss Black International Pageants seems to be doing a lot of good for the community, and we congratulate Laurie Pierce on her achievement.

Laurie Pierce is studying at Meharry Medical College to be a doctor. Laurie Pierce competed at the Black International pageant in August 2009 and placed 3rd runner up along with Director’s choice winner and Ads sales winner.

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  1. She’s pretty! Good for her. The racist thing is rediculous though. LOL

  2. Thank you Lauren. Unfortunately, this information is wrong. I won Miss Colorado Black International which is no way affiliated with Miss Black USA.

    And racism is over rated lol Much Love!


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