Who Owns My Heart Video Causing A Stir Among Parent Groups

October 11, 2010 |  by  |  Entertainment
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Oh Miley, can’t you just act like Hannah Montana and save us all a lot of grief?

Apparently not, because teen queen Miley Cyrus is turning heads with her new “Who Owns My Heart ” video. So much so, the Parents Television Council is slamming the sexy jail bait singer, asking the the question every parent fears: “Is Miley Cyrus the next Britney Spears?”

Now that Britney Spears has toned down her no-panty-wearing ways, it seems that ex-Disney princess Miley Cyrus is happily filling the role of “bad influence on today’s impressionable youth.”

Both Spears and Cyrus started out as apple cheeked cuties on squeaky clean kids shows. This created a young fan base of girls that would pretty much do whatever their tween idol told them to do.

It’s not Miley’s fault that she has most of America’s youth looking up to her and most of America’s parents now looking down on her. She’s only 17 years old. Everyone needs to go through a rebellious stage in their life, but Miley seems to be growing up a little to fast for people’s liking. She recently bought a multi million dollar home and is living there (in sin!) with her much older boyfriend.

At this point, Miley could read the phonebook in Latin and sell a million copies, but sooner or later, if she doesn’t stop writhing on beds and grinding on dance floors, parent groups might ban this pop star for good. That pretty much leaves Selena Gomez and one Jonas Brother left to pick up the pieces.

Check out the underage shenanigans on Miley’s Who Owns My Heart video for yourself:

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  1. Oh yeah. She’s a future celebrity disaster for sure.

  2. Man oh man is she going to be in some hot water in these next couple years. I smell trouble!

  3. As a mom this is so scarry. Scarry because my kids look up to young stars like this. Scarry because as much as we try to maintain the control, these celebs are role models (and obviously I use that term lightly.)

  4. She’s following the same path as Britney Spears. Sweet and innocent at first. Sad how the Hollywood youth can become so corrupted.

  5. And I’m surprised her father is approving of this. He seems conservative on his parenting views from interviews i’ve heard.

  6. My girls dont watch MTV anymore. We’ve made it a rule. I want them to be respected and to go into junior high and high school with better role models than that.

  7. She already looks like she’s 25. Why cant’ kids just stay kids anymore!

  8. Hey. It’s danceable, has a nice beat and it’s not rap crap, so what wrong the vid?
    As for being being “jail bait” why isn’t her “much older” bf getting charged? There are guys doing time for “thangs jus lik dat”

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