Hurricane Paula Heading To Mexico

October 12, 2010 |  by  |  Breaking News
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If you have plans to vacation in Mexico in the near future, you may want to reschedule. Hurricane Paula is the ninth hurricane of the 2010 season and formed Monday off the coast of Honduras. Overnight, it has strengthened considerably reports the National Hurricane Center in Miami and is now heading toward the Yucatan coast.

Torrential downpours and gusting winds destroyed 19 homes in northeastern Honduras, said Lisandro Rosales, head of Honduras’ emergency services. Schools and airports were closed along Honduras’s Atlantic coast in preparation for the storm. Luckily no deaths were reported.

Hurricane Paula is now threatening the Yucatan coast which is full of resorts and a popular port for cruise ships. A hurricane warning has been issued for the east Yucatan peninsula ranging from Punta Gruesa to Cabo Catoche including the tourist island of Cozumel. Residents are urged to refrain from water sports and fishing until the storm passes.

Currently Hurricane Paula 2010 is a Category 1 storm sustaining winds of up to 75 miles per hour. Hurricane Paula is expected to strengthen over the next day or so and will travel northeast towards western Cuba. By Friday, the hurricane will weaken back down to a tropical storm.


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